The William Mayo Hindle Biographical Project

His is the story of one human
overcoming tremendous odds to not only survive,
but to create, to achieve and to inspire others!
How you can help the project:
If you knew Will Hindle in any capacity, saw him at any of his showings, know of any photos of Will, know of any copies of his works in private holdings, or have any information that might be connected to Will, even vaguely....
please contact me!

dplankton at

  This is strictly a non-profit project.
  This project is dedicated to the archiving of all documentation and first-hand accounts of the life, teachings and work of film-artist Will (William Mayo) Hindle. Secondarily, it is my aim to promote the awareness and preservation of Will Hindle's filmworks.
  It is the researcher's belief that not only are the films of Will Hindle worthy of documentation, but also that his life was worthy. His adeptness to find humor in the midst of turmoil, his capacity to care deeply about others, his influence on the creativity of his students, film makers and non-film makers alike, are all worthy of note.
  Initial efforts began on this project in 1989. An unfortunate hiatus was necessitated from 1992 to 2002. Efforts have been renewed and much progress has been made.
  The current stage of archiving involves, not only the gathering of fresh materials, but also the digitization of all materials in the holdings. This includes imaging of all paper documents and digital recording of interviews.
  Copies of the digitized records will ultimately be distributed to a number of archive locations, including Anthology Film Archives, Canyon Cinema, Pacific Film Archives, and The Academy Foundation.





Last revised: May 30, 2006.